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Anonymous asked:

how often do you do either, and how addicted are you?

I’m 100% addicted. Meth is my drug of choice, but heroin is a very very close second. I’m learning to push aside of my addictions however, and im taking control over my life once again.

When i was using at the worst point i was doing upwards of a gram of heroin or two grams of meth every day. Mostly with a needle, but i smoked and snorted a lot as well. Usually i spent around 200$-300$ every couple days, but thatdoesn’t last long cause you run out of $ and get too spun out to make any more.


Anonymous asked:

do you wish you didnt smoke meth or do heroin? or do you like it

I love both meth and heroin. But i hate the way i live my life while im using either one. I’m clean now cause I want to get on living life and making something of it.

Meth and/or heroin will never make you happy.


Anonymous asked:

why does northtownbarbie not post on tumblr anymore? and are you her boyfriend?

She forgot her password i think. But actually, shes my fiance now :). we are getting married this summer. People may judge us because we are drug addits, or becaue we havn’t know eachother that long, but ever since i met Morgan we have spent every day together, we live together, and ive never felt more comfortable with myself or had such a bright outlook on life. She is my best friend and the woman i love. I want to spend the rest of my life with her and i’m a better man every day we spend together. She helped me want to get sober, and we have stood together through our lowest lows. Now we have 40 days clean today! Thats more sober time than i’ve been able to get in almost a year! I’m stoked for life now that I am making something of it. And anyone can do it. It doesnt take a best friend and/or lover to get sober. But in my case it has definitly helped. I wish the best of luck to anyone struggling to get clean, stay clean, and all those who are still using even if they dont want to get clean yet.

Life is what you make it. Make it a good one!

And if anyone needs someone to talk to, we are both hear to listen and help out in any way we can :).

watchmelightenup asked:

Hi, I run a blog called mental-health-advice. We help with all sorts of issues ranging from self harm to eating disorders to relationship and sexuality issues. It would really really mean the world to us if you could follow/post this for your followers, so we can help even more people. But, make sure that if you do follow, it is on mental-health-advice rather then this (my personal) Thanks in advance, Alexandria.

Thank you for making a difference Alexandria! People like me really need people like you.


follow this blog^ :)

You heard the lady!

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